NeverFiat is now Spendl

NeverFiat is now Spendl

We are happy to announce that NeverFiat is growing and turning into something else which is Spendl. 

When we started this adventure, we aimed to give value for the Crypto community by providing a one stop shop for people looking to buy and sell goods with crypto while taking part in the crypto commerce economy. 

Operating the Marketplace has helped us understand the needs and wishes of a wide variety of clients from all over the world. While the marketplace did have some supply of products in it, most of the users using the platform used it by ordering via the Custom Order feature which enables external products that were not on the platform to be purchased with crypto. 

Learning that metric was crucial for bettering our offering, therefore we wanted to build a solution that opens the entire internet for the Crypto just like it's suppose to be, the Internet of Money. 

Today we introduce Spendl, a magical extension which lets you spend crypto anywhere online using our alternative checkout. No more HODL it's time to Spendl. Use your crypto on a daily basis wherever you want with low fees and no incentive to head to the exchange. We’re eager to help people become their own bank while keeping real purchasing power! 

Go check it out now :)

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