Some beginner seller advice

Some beginner seller advice

Here are a few things you will need to know before selling:

NeverFiat is a marketplace specially designed, for and by crypto users and as such buyers can use cryptocurrencies exclusively to purchase on NeverFiat.
Nevertheless, in order to protect you as a vendor against crypto rate fluctuations, you will set your price in dollars and will be paid in Fiat or Crypto.
This means that you don't have to worry about bitcoin (or any other crypto) rate changes. When a buyer views your items he will see the price in dollars and an online translation into crypto.

In the case of a refund, it will be issued in crypto for the USD (as it is our base currency, legally speaking, the buyer pays USD through crypto) value of the purchase, less transport, and insurance costs, less any applicable fees, including any cancellation fees.
The refund will be converted from USD to Bitcoin based on an exchange rate at the time once the return is received and inspected.
So if the value of crypto against USD has risen since the time of your purchase, the buyer will receive less crypto than they paid at the time of purchase.

Selling on Neverfiat does not come without its obligations though, your customers expect the highest level of service from you. whether its delivery time commitment or product quality, you will have to manage expectations and make sure buyers are fully aware of purchase terms and limitations. a well-informed customer is a satisfied customer - make sure the only surprises for the customer are good surprises.
General information that should be informed ahead is shipping times, customs and additional fees,  refund policy and product need-to-know information.
When pricing your products keep in mind product and shipping costs. once an order has been placed you will be notified by mail. The buyer's information will be made available so you can fulfill the order.  Make sure your carrier is reliable so orders will ship on time, this will save you the trouble of dealing with upset clients due to delays and long shipping times.

Good Luck! 


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